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  • Medical advancements in near-drowning resuscitation during the late 1970's and early 1980's warranted a dive team in Charles County.

  • Charles County Dive Rescue (CCDR) was formed in 1989 to address this need.

  • Early 1990 the team was officially placed into service as associate members of Tenth District VFD.

  • Late 1991 the Tenth District VFD, Board of Directors, voted to dissolve the relationship between the two organizations.

  • Articles of Incorporation were approved by Maryland in late 1991, making us an independent emergency service agency.

  • Mid 1994 we petitioned the two county associations for membership.

  • Our application to the CCVFA was denied and we were accepted as a “Special Committee” of the CCAEMS for two years.

  • Early 1997 we were directed by the CCAEMS to re-apply to the CCVFA for membership.

  • Membership in the CCVFA was approved in late 1997.

  • CCDR assigned designation as Company 13 in early 1998.

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